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We seek profit from patterns
in the stock market


CrunchDAO Sells signals that generate returns, regardless of market conditions

our strategy is
market neutral

// The ultimate hedge

We aim to gain, regardless of market direction and volatility

// Achieve Zero Beta

Our signal is designed to have no systematic risk: a beta of zero

// Perfectly balanced

By balancing our model with long and short positions, we minimise our exposure to any inherent market risks

Our statistical trading strategies
feed one Meta-Model

This strategy identifies distortions in volume, price, and volatility between short-dated options and stock prices.
Institutional investors are leveraging equity factor risk models (Sector / Country Stock etc.) to predict return and hedge their bets.  We investigate the extent to which nonlinearities not captured by standard linear models within equity factor risk models are present. Some generated factor returns and information ratios higher than corresponding linear factors
Portfolio managers invest a tremendous amount of time and resources in identifying equity that will outperform the market in the long term - alpha- ; In Dolly, the community leverages machine learning to select top long-term asset managers and piggyback their trades. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 13f filing data offer valuable insight into top asset managers’ holdings at each quarterly filing point.
Gordon Geeko
Gordon Geeko
This strategy uses trade information from top management and senior executives (i.e. insiders) as it has been demonstrated in past academic research that insiders have insight - or alpha - over other investors.
This momentum outlook aims to systematically isolate and harvest excess returns arising from behavioral market anomalies by investing in diversification, not performance.
This strategy is a trend-following strategy based on the trend of idiosyncratic (an individualizing characteristic) return and volatility.

We leverage the power
of collective intelligence

01 //

Competition sharpens our focus

2000 data-scientists and +200 phds compete in our tournament and share one goal: to accurately predict the stock market
02 //

Obfuscation removes human bias

CrunchDAO works with an obfuscated dataset, where all identifying information is removed.
03 //

our token strengthens our bond

the token does well, when the DAO does well. this forms a symbiotic relationship between the DAO, and our Clients.

The CRUNCH token grants access
to the signals produced by the DAO

01 // Utility

Asset managers gain access to the predictions of over 1500 quantitive traders and data scientists

02 // Fair Distribution mechanism

You can either buy $CRUNCH on the market, or earn it as a Cruncher in our tournaments

03 // Governance

Holders of CRUNCH can propose and join in governance votes over the DAO and the token

04 // BURN or Earn

DAO members vote on how much tokens should be burned vs distributed as tournament rewards


2022 //
Ex-Machina Launch - Done
Target V4 replace Target V3 - Done
Improved Platform (removal of Public and Private leaderboards) - Done
New Platform Designed - done
2022 //
One Dataset
Decentralized Science Platform - Done
Model Collateralization
Ambassador Program
Daily Payouts - Done
2023 //
Multi-model submission
New tournament platform
signal from community
skin in the game
2023 //
Trading signal live
improved bounty platform
decentralized science system improved
scientific collaboration with research institutes
2023 //
Staking on predictions & signal from community
Exclusivity and perks for crunchdao Members
gamification and levels
2023 //
market signal to banks
Scientific Paper on game theory Dynamical System and
stability of CrunchDAO Meta Model

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